Thursday, June 3, 2010

"...I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet"

Amidst the hype of SJPs newly released (a muchly anticipated one at that), Sex in the City sequel, in true style, one must condone the very beautiful clothes and trends that encompasses (as well as) inspires every fashionista (ok, maybe not every) that it brings.

Anyway, after a hard and busy day at work, nothing pleases me more than oggling and being inspired at the beautiful outfits they wear (in and out of the movie), which highlights more reasons why my shopping addiction is running wild.

These outfits are definitely a perfect mixture of mod vs quirky.
I ♥ the bold prints and cinched waist! (credit::fashiontribes.typepad)

I Love Carries get up! Who knew something so cute and fluffy can look ah-mazing! (

This thrown on ensemble is incredibly bag-lady like, but yet incredibly chic and unpredictably well put together. (

With the famous Nina Ricci dress (credit::googleimages):

A Patricia Fields designed gown for Baileys new bottle featuring sexy Kim Cattrall. Red Hot. (

Her "no name" wedding dress. Yummy vintage! (

Hope you liked!

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