Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who needs a stylist?

Work was pretty quiet today. Had a little bit of time to check out Westfield's website to find that you can actually hire a stylist. Call me out dated, but since when were you able to shop for a stylist? Reminded me of my picture collection for class of a few stylistas that caught my eye, that had their own style, and needn't the help of another Zoe.  

These pretty ladies have their own individual creative style, and makes me GREEN.WITH.ENVY. But you know, snaps to them for their creativeness and their ability to create effortless outfits. 

Agnes Deyn definitely is at the top of my list. Her kooky and quirky style mixes vintage, designer and layers upon layers - but yet still looks like she's stepped out of a fashion shoot. Jealousy rating? 10/10. (credit::teenvogue):

Ex-model Alexa, is my next. I like her girl-next-door style, that's just so "I just threw it together" look. She mixes the high end stuff with vintage that always highlight her sky high (to die for) killer legs. Definitely makes me jealous. I wish I had sky high legs. Winter, please end. Now. My tights are ready to retire!

And how can i forget Miss Sevigny? She's definitely her own stylist. Her name even sounds a designer label. She has a very 80's vintage meet rock chic grunge look, and manages to effortlessly make clashing prints work. She's fast becoming a designer in her own right, and with a style like that, why wouldn't she?

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